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Natural fibres are becoming increasingly important as a reinforcing fibre in composite materials. Therefore, the need for consistent fibre properties increases. Additionally, fibre manufacturers, or cultivators in the case of natural fibers, should be able to rely on fibre properties to measure the quality of the produced material.

Mechanical properties of flax and bamboo technical fibers, Young’s modulus (𝐸), tensile strength (𝜎), failure strain (𝜀𝑓). 

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Adapted from ‘D. Depuydt & K. Hendrickx, W. Biesmans, J. Ivens, A.W. van Vuure, “Digital image correlation as a strain measurement technique for fibre tensile tests”, Composites: Part A, vol. 99, pp. 76-83, 2017‘ This paper is also part of the PhD thesis of K. Hendrickx 

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