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Fast growth

Abstract - Bamboo has manifested itself as a viable alternative to slow growing hardwood. The reason is that bamboo grows really fast, is strong and abundantly present. But not only bamboo 'wood' is interesting from a materials point of view. The bamboo fibers have a Young’s modulus that is up to three times higher than the bamboo culm itself, and because they are light, their specific properties can rival with glass fibers. Bamboo is native to almost all continents, mostly tropical and sub-tropical climate regions, but some bamboo is native to temperate climate zones and can therefore adapt to grow in European regions. It is a very diverse plant, with over 1600 known species. These advantages give bamboo the potential to become a prominent fiber in the domain of natural fibre reinforced composites.  'Delphine Depuydt KU Leuven 2018 '


...even in Europe

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